Company Overview

Chris-Craft, founded in 1874 and headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, is owned by Winnebago Industries, a publicly held company as of 2018. Sold throughout the world, Chris-Craft is America’s oldest premium boat builder with over 140 global dealer locations. The 2019 Chris-Craft collection includes: the Carina, Launch, Capri, Corsair, Catalina and Calypso ranging from 21 to 38 ft.

Everyone Has a Chris-Craft Story

The name alone conjures up images of classic wooden boats, waving flags, and unforgettable memories made on the waves. Chris-Craft has carved out an iconic place in history and made its way into the hearts of boat lovers worldwide. Today, we continue to nurture the love affair, driven by the same principles that defined us years ago. And, while we are committed to expanding our range of boats, we will always design and craft them with the same appreciation for quality, uncommon beauty, and standout style.

Our Heritage

Since the beginning, Christopher Smith crafted the boats that dreams are made of. Chris-Craft boats became the cultural icons that gave people a new freedom to explore the clear waters of local lakes and distant shores. And they were built with the values and benefits that defined our country and our way of life. More than any other brand, they were responsible for America’s romance with boats – and ultimately, for redefining boating pleasure for generations of people everywhere.

Chris-Craft Today

Crafted with the same passion and dedication as they were 147 years ago, Chris-Craft boats continue to speak to boat enthusiasts everywhere. Whether it’s an open bow ideal for socializing, or a larger cruiser with a cabin for extended excursions, every inch of every boat we build is carefully considered.

Attention to Detail
The name Chris-Craft has always been synonymous with quality, and it’s not hard to see why. All of our boats are crafted with painstaking detail by the most skilled carpenters, cabinetmakers, joiners and artisans in the business. It’s what ensures that your boat will be perfect – and unlike any other on the water.


Our vision is to build boats that stand out in a sea of sameness.

Our mission is to design and build premium boats and yachts that remain true to the heritage, the iconic status and the reputation of the Chris-Craft brand which represents:

  • America
  • History & Heritage
  • Classic elegance
  • Design excellence
  • Craftsmanship and absolute quality
  • Exclusivity
  • Total reliability
  • Exceptional client service


Chris-Craft’s strength and future growth depend on the contributions made by each person within our organization. We believe that outstanding people are the key to success.

Chris-Craft is an American icon in a class of its own. Throughout its history, Chris-Craft has always meant classic elegance, beautiful craftsmanship, superb quality, reliability, service and a unique heritage. After more than 147 years, Chris-Craft remains a classic American story that still continues today.

Our most important resource and best asset is our people. We embody diversity and thrive on people with unique personalities, skillsets, and interests. Our passion for quality and creating beautiful boats brings us together.

Employee Testimonials

Thuthao Hannon, Head Seamstress

“The people are the greatest joy of working for Chris-Craft,” Thuthao Hannon, head seamstress and Chris-Craft family member since 2003.

Courtney Benton, Engine Installer
I enjoy working at Chris Craft because they gave me an opportunity to change my life! Not being judged for past mistakes, I was accepted like family and given the opportunity to help, learn, and build a legend safely!

Company Summary
Number of Employees
(941) 351-4900
605 W Crystal Lake Rd
Forest City, IA